Godfirst Akpo aka Zed1st is a 23-year old Hillcross Records signee, who strongly believes that his record label helped him build trust in the music industry. Zed1st, who is from Delta State and a graduate of the University of Benin, stated that he almost dropped out of school to focus on music but his mother convinced him to finish his education.


“My musical journey began from secondary school. It has not been rosy, at some point I wanted to drop out of school to face music squarely but my mother convinced me not to. I decided to get the certificate for her.


“In 100 level, I was already going to the studio back to back, attending and performing at shows. When I graduated from the University and came to Lagos to focus fully on the music business, I met a lot of fraudulent people, which almost created trust issues for me in the industry, but my team and current label has given me a different perspective.It was really crazy but thank God,” he said

Talking about his genre of music, which he termed ‘Afro-Zee, he said it was an experimental sound.


“Afro-zee is a blend of Alte and Afro-beat born out of experiment in order to figure out my sound. It took me time to get to this level of creativity. I started Afro Zee as we love to call my style because I was born between two generations, December 1999, which is close to the 2000s. In between the millennials and the Gen Z. I am looking to build my fanbase from Gen Z.


The Afro-zee crooner stated that his single ‘Boy’ was inspired by a girl he had met who understood his moods and stuck with him.”