“Music for me is enjoyable and something I consider good for my soul,” he says in an interview with District234 before going on to add that it is not just his passion but also something he believes as a calling, ‘spiritual’ is what he describes his calling as, what leads him into making music pleasing to the ears of his music lovers.


Thriving in the music industry as a growing artist is not for the fainthearted, nor is it a merry-go-round type of play in the park, as the artist describes his experience thus far, particularly his musical journey in the recently concluded year 2022, as crazy—a fine blend of good and bad crazy, he specifically states.


Shortly after releasing Medusa, Zed1st released Boy in November; the track detailing the intricacies of women understanding men and the rareness in having one who actually understands the male gender, despite them having a body bag of subtleties resting stoic on their shoulders, exemplifies the artist’s creativity after a couple of released works and annotating him as an artist who isn’t confined to a single sound, his vocal range and glide remain distinct from Medusa, Run Am, and now, Boy.

This artist strives to make good music that is both subjective and trippy— his rhythms and flows are an intertwined blend of soulful creativity, and one can only wonder what he has in store for his upcoming works.


Zed1st’s spiritual connection is unbroken, as he cites God as his main motivation while phasing through as a musical figure. Furthermore, he claims that knowing where he is going has kept him going over the years. “My vision— I already know where I am going to, it’s like when you were younger you always knew you wanted to be in this particular profession and that’s how it is for me”, he says.


Zed1st is more than ready to slam us with mighty sound this year 2023, having rendered the song, Boy, as the jam for the recent festive period. Speaking with us, he divulged that his debut EP will be released in 2023.

Mirroring thoroughly on what his life reflects without music, Zed1st affirms that his whole life is defined with music, arts and fashion—the latter two coming right after declaring that “my life is music, everything about is music and that’s all I do and there’s really nothing about me that doesn’t relate to music”.